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This is the first time I am signing in and now I have to change my password. How ?

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When you register at AskBob you are not asked to create a password so the first thing you must do after joining is to set a password.  The email you recieved should take you to a page that asks for you to create a password (need to type it in twice).  If that does not work you can go to

and enter your email address and a new link to enter a password will be sent to you.


how can I delete an account?

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Can I presume you are asking about deleting you AskBob account?

If it is you askbob account you are looking to delete here are the steps.

1) Log in

2) Click on the Members Link

3) On the right side menu click My Page

4) Click the Edit tab near the top of the page

5) On the edit page there is a Save and Delete at the bottom. Click Delete. You wil get a conformation screen where you need to select Delete a second time.

Access Code Download

Frequently Asked Questions: 

ATP® Easier Subscription Update with Access Code Download Overview Within 45 days from the expiration of a subscription license, ATP NavigatorV® displays an alert message informing you that the license to that particular subscription has to be renewed. After your renewal order has been processed at ATP, you may update your subscription with an automatic download of your access codes. However, note that you will have to be connected to the internet and using NavigatorV Release 6.1 software to make use of this feature. The attached PDF covers this subject and includes screen shots.

Question: I am trying to log into but it is asking for a Username and Password, I am not sure if I have one how can I check?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Answer: You can click on “Forgot Your Username or Password?” for help

If you only know your Username, click on Forgot Password where it prompts you to answer your secret question.

If you do not know your Username, click on Forgot Username to notify our ATP Customer Support either by: phone call or email for assistance.

To register, click on New User to sign up.