Disc Revisions

How do I Inventory the DVDs for a Library?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

There are two places where you can find a complete DVD inventory list for your product subscriptions.

EZ Update – When you click on the EZ Update Tab in the NavigatorV™ desktop platform, you will see a list of all your subscriptions by product code. Below each product you will see a list of the DVD's that make up each library and the date of the latest version of each DVD.

Is there a way to inventory what is in my revision shipments?

Frequently Asked Questions: 


ATP provides two simple ways to audit your revision shipments.

Packing Slip: The first way to audit your revision shipments is with the Packing Slip. Every revision shipment from ATP includes a packing slip where you will find a list of all of the discs included in the shipment, and which library each disc belongs to.

How can I read or install my current disc when Navigator is looking for a more current one?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

It sound like your EZ Update may have updated your Navigator Application and now looking for a newer disc.

You will need to go to the Navigator Repair Tools to revert your application to read the current disc:

Please go to the Start Menu/All Program/ATP/ATP/NavigatorV/Repair Tool

Under the Content Repair, click on the Reinstall button. It will prompt you to insert your current white DVD disc

Once completed open your ATP Navigator and go to the EZ Update tab and click Install Content to load the specific library disc.

How do I prove I am current and have the latest Discs

Frequently Asked Questions: 

We provide two tools to prove you have the latest discs.

First is a revision card we mail every January (and with new orders) that lists the date of each monthly revision for the full year. When you receive the discs you should enter the received date on this card. This revision card confirms that you have received all revisions.

Second is the EZ Update tab in NavigatorV. The tab lists your libraries and the latest date for each disc.

Disc manager page will not let me click on the install content button. How do i update my libraries via the discs we received?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The Install button in Disc Manager is not active if all of the content is already installed.

Revisions are managed by the Yellow update disc. After updating your computers database the update will ask for needed DVDs. If you skip inserting the DVDs when requested and then go to Disc Manager the Install button would be active (because you do not have all the content installed) But if you have all content installed then the Install button is inactive.

I don't get the automatic prompt to update our library . How do I update the DAA series discs without a prompt?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Good question. What you describe is a result of the shift to DVD discs. You see, the DVD holds so much content that many times a disc is revised but the change is not needed for your library. For example a DVD may contain information for all Beech King Air series aircraft and you have the Beech C90 library. For this example lets say the Beech 300 IPC is revised on the DVD. You will receive a new DVD but after inserting the Yellow update disc you will not be prompted to insert the Beech DVD because none of the changes on the DVD are needed in your library. So why did you receive the DVD?

Do we get the same content by using the update CDs as using the Internet

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Dan,  Each CD revision has the same information as the online EZ Update revision. The only difference is there is no post/mail time needed for the EZ Update. In addition EZ Update has a more frequent release schedule than the Discs (twice a week). For example there was a Propeller revision (2007-10B) on 5/16/2007. All of the revision content for 2007-10B was uploaded to our servers and was available for download on 5/16. The same information is being burned on CDs overnight and will go out in the mail today (5/17/07). The internet is simply a faster delivery method of the same data.