EZ Update Revisions

EZ Update

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Please follow this instructions to fix the issue.

 1. Restart the computer on your Navigator/main PC.

 2. Then click on start, all programs, atp, navigatorVR, locate Navigator Repair tool (don’t start the Navigator) then right click on it and select "ran as administrator"

 3. On the repair tool, click on the Reset button and follow the prompts

 4. After the reset, click on Update button and follow the prompts

EZupdate error

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The error states that your machine does not have the Microsoft WSE 3.0 Runtime component installed. This is a Microsoft operating system component.


You are in luck as there is a simple solution. Please visit this webpage http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=6545 Download and Install the WSE 3.0 Runtime component.


Error Ez Update (112: Unsupported Version)

Frequently Asked Questions: 

You are receiving error code 112: Unsupported Application version number because the version of ATP Navigator on your machine is not current.

You can verify your version by going to the top menu on ATP Navigator, Click on HELP and select "About ATP Navigator".

If you are on any version other than 8.0.0, We ask that you insert the latest white content DVD that you received in the mail, to update ATP Navigator to the latest version.

How do I check OEM Revision Status

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The EZ Subscription Status page includes information to verify you have a active subscription and the last revision of each library. We regularly audit our content with the OEMs and have developed the following list of OEM web links and their Technical Publication status reports. These links go to websites of selected manufacturers for the latest postings on technical publication revisions.

Some may require a login and password. When applying to the site please make sure to indicate that the customer is an ATP customer