Digital Maintenance Libraries

Revisions to Maintenance manuals

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Good question Doug

I believe you are referring to Service Manual D2070.

If so, then you may be looking at the transmittal letter section of the manual. We do incorporate the TR into the body of the manual. In addition the transmittal letter/instruction page is usually placed in the front matter.

Can I screen print a page from a manual?

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Great question Jack. Sometimes you may not want to simply print a page but need to include a section in another document. The answer is Yes, you can capture a portion of the visible document as a image to paste into other documents. 

These steps are based on Acrobat X and a ATP Navigator powered maintenance library.

1. Make sure the tool-bar is visible. Shift F8 displays the tool-bar and F8 hides it

2. Right click on a empty section of the tool-bar to display a dropdowm menu of other commands

Problem with the training page!

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It appears the Aviation Hub Apps are not assign on your user.

1. On top right, click on settings

2. click on the user info tab

3. locate your username and click on edit

4. put a check the all the Aviation Hub apps (RLA, PCA & PXA)

5. also make sure to assign hub libraries.

6. when done, click on update on top right then sign out and sign back in.

If you need further assistance please give me a call at 415-330-9500 Billy Vinas or email me at [email protected]


Where is the SRM for the Avanti I aircraft? We do not have it our Library

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Your account shows you subscribe to the library with the SRM. You may not be seeing it if the product was not added (registered) to the software or if a user does not have permission to access the library. It depends on how you set up the program so it is hard to know the exact answer. We will contact you and walk through how you are configured becuase by default the manual should show.

Daily Maintenance Library Update Notification

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Overview As an ATP® customer, you have the option to be automatically notified for upcoming changes to your digital maintenance content. This free service is automated through a daily email giving notification of upcoming updates to Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, and Temporary Revisions to manuals for only the models in your subscription. The email is a listing of revised publications that have been received by ATP during the last business day but have not yet been processed into NavigatorV®.

I upgraded to Digital from Fiche, What Fiche do I remove

Frequently Asked Questions: 

For a report on which fiche are replaced by a CD/DVD Click Here Please note this is only a guide. Each disc may include many libraries and will only replace the fiche for the digital libraries purchased. If you only upgraded some libraries to digital and retained fiche for others you should archive any removed fiche just to be on the safe side.