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Update of my library

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Because of mailing time the disc's will always be older than internet download. The Internet is great but is not available reliably for everyone so updating by disc is the best option in your case. The problem you are having is you are trying to use both update methods and the Internet and disc's are not for the same period of time. I would recommend using 100% disc revisions for your update. Go to the EZ Update tab and click the Scheduler Settings button and disable Internet EZ Update. This will stop the computer from asking for disc's that are still en-route.

Error Deserializing RevisionInfo.xml?

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1. Shutdown your Navigator Server

2. Restart your computer

3. After restart, click on start, all programs, atp, navigatorVr (don't start the Navigator) and select Navigator Repair tool

4. On repair tool, click on reset button

5. Afte reset, click on the update button and follow the prompts.




Limited disc space after upgrade

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The upgrade to Release 8 included migrating your existing content to new folders. The upgrade was designed to move the content requiring no additional space. Some users have reported a problem and that they re-installed their content. This may leave the old content in the old directory structure. If your content is completely installed and working fine you can run the attached program to look for content in the old unused folders and remove this content.