Profile & Compliance

Maintenance tab vs. Profile tab

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The idea is you would only use one of the features. The Profile & Compliance tool has been around for years and is a nice compliance tracking tool but does not provide much in the way of forecasting future requirements. ATP Maintenance is a new feature added this year that is targeted to forecasting. If you are starting fresh I would just use ATP Maintenance so you have compliance tracking and forecasting.


Hope this helps. Feel free to give us a call for more information.

My facility info does not show or print out with the AD's.

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Here is how to set and turn on the facility information for printouts:

In the top Menu select Tools and then Settings

Select the Facility Info tab

Fill in your facility information

Make suer the "Include in Compliance reports" is checked

Click OK

In this same setting box you can set a logo (it should be twice as wide as tall) and also turn on and populate the autofill for signoff information that autofills newly added records.



IPad apps

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Yes, the July update to ATP Navigator Online will support iPads.  All regulatory content is in html and works very nicly. We do recommend adding the Goodreader pdf app for better performance of the PDF based maintenance content. Although it functions, I would not consider a iPad the best choice for really large manuals (MM, IPC etc).  I have a iPad and a Netbook and find the full funtion browser in the Netbook supports more of the advanced functions than the reduced browser fucctionality of the iPad browser.

How do I update my facility information once my ATP profile has been started.

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I am not sure if you are asking about changes going forward or changing old records.

For going forward: The Compliance records are auto filled every time a new record is added. The auto fill information comes from the Facilities tab in Settings. If you update this information then all added records will have the changed information.

Updating the Compliance Record between the FAA Biweekly

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When updating a compliance record in Profile and Compliance, you are familiar with the prompt that pops up when we open a Compliance Record that says new content is available and asks if you want to run a new search to update your compliance record. To match the FAA biweekly, the prompt is activated when a newer biweekly has been installed since the Compliance record was last updated.

In compliance you can choose for FAA/SB/EASA view. Is it possible to add an extra option here?

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The compliance record is limited to just the three types of lists. Expanding to other categories has been discussed. Your request has been sent to the management team. Requests help them set development priorities so we appreciate the inquiry.

Can I use the Profile & Compliance tool to search and record Service Bulletins?

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Yes, you can use Profile & Compliance to search for and record compliance of AD, ASI & SB. The SBs downloaded depend on your subscription. Regulatory libraries only include SBs incorporated in ADs (ASI). Maintenance libraries include all active SBs.

After running a search click on filter by type (top corner) to switch between AD or SB/ASI..

You can also save the report for future use.

My questions is can I exclude AD's on the report that do not comply? Thank you for your time, Tammy Moore

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In the Compliance Record view right mouse click on the row you want removed. A small menu will open. Select “Hide” in the menu and the row will be removed from the Compliance Report.

My preference before hiding is to make myself a note in the Method of Compliance box about why it is NA so if I am asked by the FAA later why it is not on my list I have a note.