NavigatorV Operation

How does the search function in Navigator work?

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Search looks at the body of the publications selected. The biggest thing to remember is the search term box is a exact match. Unlike a Google search with returns any combination of the search term and millions of hits we want to focus down to the specific results. If you are using multiple words then the result must be exactly the same in the publication to find it. For example "Rudder Bolt" will not find "rudder stop bolt" or even "rudder bolts". If you want to extend the search then there are ways of ,moving past a exact match.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

We always use the Model name from the TC. Many times the OEM uses a model name that is different from the model number in the TC. When they do this we also use the OEM model name. We are trying to improve access by letting the customer use either name. We return the same results for both. We are trying to prevent overlooking data because a user looks under a common name in place of the TC Model Number

Citation Sovereign = 680
Duchess = 76
Challenger 300 = BD-100-1A10
Columbia 350 = LC42-550FG
Westwind = 1125

Demonstrating Currency in NavigatorV®

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Overview NavigatorV® has mulitple ways to prove currency in your subscription. In the information below, we suggest three different methods for showing currency based on different reference points. These cover showing currency with your subscription libraries, with the latest FAA update, and with the manufacturer on an individual publication. The following methods are recommended for fast and easy checking of your content currency:

•ATP Subscription - Use the Status Report feature to provide a paper copy of your current subscription.