How do I Inventory the DVDs for a Library?

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

There are two places where you can find a complete DVD inventory list for your product subscriptions.

EZ Update – When you click on the EZ Update Tab in the NavigatorV™ desktop platform, you will see a list of all your subscriptions by product code. Below each product you will see a list of the DVD's that make up each library and the date of the latest version of each DVD.

Inventory Checklist (Orange Card) - Attached below is an Inventory Checklist report in PDF format for all ATP libraries. Search for your products by using the product code minus the first letter. (For example, to find product code B123, look for 123.) The Inventory Checklist (Orange Card) is updated on this web page with each disc revision.

Note: The Installation/Content Revision disc is shipped with every revision. The date on this DVD should match the date at the top of the Inventory Checklist Report (or be newer). The Content DVD's are only issued when content is revised, and the latest version is listed on the Inventory Checklist Report and in the EZ Update Tab in the NavigatorV desktop platform.