Do we get the same content by using the update CDs as using the Internet

The workstation we use ATP Navigator on has no internet connection, a “wonderful” idea from our techies! Do we get the same content by using the update CDs or are we behind? Is it worth having the Internet connection just so that we can have the updates online instead of using the content CD updates? Thanks! Dan

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Dan,  Each CD revision has the same information as the online EZ Update revision. The only difference is there is no post/mail time needed for the EZ Update. In addition EZ Update has a more frequent release schedule than the Discs (twice a week). For example there was a Propeller revision (2007-10B) on 5/16/2007. All of the revision content for 2007-10B was uploaded to our servers and was available for download on 5/16. The same information is being burned on CDs overnight and will go out in the mail today (5/17/07). The internet is simply a faster delivery method of the same data. Another benefit of having a internet connection is the interim updates between revisions that are available. We post Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Temporary Revisions to our libraries online daily. There is a link in the upper right corner of the Welcome tab of NavigatorV®? to this information (internet connection required). Bob