FAAST Blast — Week of July 05, 2020

FAAST Blast — Week of July 05, 2020 – July 11, 2020
Biweekly FAA Safety Briefing News Update

FAA Safety Briefing Live Webinar — July 23

The next FAA Safety Briefing Live is coming your way starting at 1900 CT on Thursday, July 23, 2020. The live-streaming broadcast will introduce the July/August 2020 issue, which focuses on the importance of human factors in aviation. Feature articles and departments address stress, fatigue, decision making, cognitive bias, and more. We also take a closer look at the humans behind the FAA’s Human Factors team to see how their work is helping to improve aviation safety.

To access this presentation, go to https://www.faasafetybriefing.com/July-August2020.html. Registration is not required. To earn WINGS credit for viewing the presentation, please click the “Earn WINGS Credit” button from within the presentation window. You can also view and earn WINGS credit on archived broadcasts of FAA Safety Briefing Live. Follow the link on the lower right corner of the page, or go to www.faasafetybriefing.com.

Amendment to Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) 118

The FAA has issued an amendment to Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) 118 https://bit.ly/31wjLGZ, which provides relief for certain persons and operations during the public health emergency concerning COVID-19.The amendment recognizes that even as stay-at-home advisories are lifted, airmen continue to experience difficulty complying with certain training, recency, checking, testing and duration requirements. The amendment extends some medical certificate relief that the original SFAR provided and expands medical relief to people whose certificates will expire in the coming months. It also expands relief to a new population of airmen who may be unable to satisfy training and qualification requirements due to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 public health emergency. Those who may be affected by this amendment should carefully review the eligibility, conditions, and duration of each section of relief to ensure compliance. The FAA has revised its FAQ page at https://bit.ly/38gIUqi (PDF) to help explain the amended regulatory relief.

Passing the Stress Test

Our new July/August issue of FAA Safety Briefing covers a topic near and dear to all airmen — human factors. Certain cognitive functions immediately come to mind in the aviation arena, like attention, detection, perception, memory, judgment/reasoning, and decision making. But for FAA Safety Briefing Editor Susan Parson, there is one universal human reaction that she characterizes as the ultimate human factor: stress. In her article, “Passing the Stress Test,” (https://medium.com/faa/passing-the-stress-test-ef69156eef61) Parson explores the duality of stress (there’s a good side to it!) and provides some helpful tips on how to properly identify and manage stress. Check out the entire July/Aug human factors-themed issue at www.faa.gov/news/safety_briefing.


Have COVID-19 questions? Check out the FAA’s Coronavirus Information page for regulatory updates as well as helpful guidance/resources at https://www.faa.gov/coronavirus.

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