The Significance of a Name

On April 30, 2008, the U.S. House of Representatives passed House Resolution 444 honoring the aviation professional men and women who ensure aircraft maintenance airworthiness of our airborne aviation infrastructure.

Each year, May 24 is designated Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Day for Charles Taylor. Charles was the Wright Brothers’ mechanic who built and maintained the engine that was used to power the Wright brother's first controlled flying machine on December 17, 1903 and father of aviation maintenance, born on May 24, 1868.

Now – 152 years later – we celebrate him along with all past and present AMT’s and all who support them for their commitment, integrity and skill - this is Taylor’s legacy and our shared responsibility.

There is also Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award presented by the United States Federal Aviation Administration in honor of Charles Taylor. The award recognizes the lifetime accomplishments of senior aviation mechanics.

At the main entrance lobby of American Airlines Tulsa, OK, MRO, there is a wall dedicated to all those technician's who became recipients of the Master Mechanic Award that at one time worked at American. I’m honored to be among the many who have achieved this prestigious award.

Some companies known for big celebrations have scaled back plans in light of social distancing requirements and other impacts of the current pandemic, No matter how you celebrate AMT Day, it’s a small bit of well-deserved recognition. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and support to all AMT’s.

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Roger Hughes

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