Aviation MX Human Factors Newsletters Dec 2019

The Aviation MX Human Factors Newsletter is written by maintenance human factors professionals dedicated to identifying and optimizing the factors that affect human performance in maintenance and inspection.

December 2019 Issue


"A Thousand Times Before…" A Look at Complacency in the Workplace by Sabrina Woods - Reviews the dangers of complacency and how skipping a step, no matter how small, can have disastrous effects.

Another Round of Procedural Compliance by Dr. Bill Johnson & Dr. Kylie N. Key - A reminder about the importance of addressing the procedural compliance challenge, and available training tools to help.

Ethics in Aviation Maintenance Outsourcing by Michael S. Salmon - Call for more thought regarding the ethical and federal oversight consequences of outsourcing aviation maintenance.

Airworthiness and Safety of Aircraft and its Systems and the Challenges Ahead by Vinod Saxena - Commentary on the recent Airworthiness and Safety conference and steps that can be taken to increase aviation safety.

Mindfulness in Maintenance by Judith Grigsby - Highlights the importance of being aware and how being mindful can offset complacency.

Human Factors – Making Good Decisions by Cathy Landry - How to improve decision making and Human Factors using the DECIDE Model.

Red Means… Go? by MSgt George Dunseath - Describes the US Air Force campaign called "Embracing the Red" as an effort to focus resources on needed improvements to safety.

Are You Willing, or Are You "Just There"? by John Paonessa - Highlights the importance of taking responsibility for maintenance work and following the Mechanic’s Creed.




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