20/20 in 2020


20/20 in 2020

When you visit the optometrist to have your vision checked, the doctor will have you view letters and numbers through a variety of test lenses. “Is this one sharper or this one? How about now? Is this lens or the previous one the most clear?”

You know the drill; right? The goal is to find the lens that gives you the clearest, sharpest most faithful representation of what you are seeing. And that’s what the principles of Human Factors education does for us. It helps use see our human performance limitations and all its circumstances from this point of view.

So many times we perform outside of the design limits of our human capability. That’s when we have stepped over the margins of safety and into the arena of incidents and accidents. We are setting ourselves and others to be body-slammed by the Proud Members of the Dirty Dozen.

Respect your Region of Risk, read your human factors checklist through the lens of compliance and safety. Then our vision can’t get much clearer and sharper than that!

Be safe looking ahead; here’s to a safe and error free focused 2020.

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Be Safe in the Region of Risk

Roger Hughes

Decoding Human Factors, LLC

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