Follow Procedures Training Launched!

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Follow Procedures Training Launched!

The FAA just posted the “The Buck Stops Here” web-based training on their human factors website. The training is not a new topic. The past few years, the FAA Maintenance Human Factors research team has been focusing on the challenge associated with procedural compliance in aircraft maintenance technical operations. Why is it so difficult to follow procedures? Why does procedural noncompliance remain as a significant contributing factor in most negative events in aircraft tech ops? What actions can alleviate this challenge?

This web-based training module that I completed was on the FAAST website
( , free registration required). This site is recommended since it includes a post-training exam and it issues a completion certificate.

If you, or you know of others within your tech ops organization that have a tendency to step across the margins of safety by a Failure to Follow Procedures (FFP), then you should engage this training. Arrest and reverse the drifting of noncompliance behavior to an organizational culture of compliance with following procedures.

For more information and links to this training, go to page 2 of this issue (24) of Aviation Human Factors Industry News.

I sincerely wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

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