2017-06-03 If You Maintain a Twin Engine Aircraft

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2017-06-03 If You Maintain a Twin Engine Aircraft

We want to notify you of the availability of an FAA Approved AMOC that serves as a terminating action for the AD 2017-06-03 affecting South Wind (formerly Stewart-Warner / Meggitt) cabin heaters on the following aircraft:

Beechcraft • D18S, D18C, E18S, C-45G, TC-45G, C-45H, TC-45H, TC-45J, UC-45J (SNB-5), E18S-9700, G18S, H18, JRB-6, 3N, 3NM, 3TM

Britten Norman • BN-2, BN-2A, BN-2A-2, BN-2A-3, BN-2A-6, BN-2A-8, BN-2A-9, BN-2A-20, BN-2A-21, BN-2A-26, BN-2A-27, BN-2B-20, BN-2B-21, BN-2B-26, BN-2B-27

Cessna • 310A, S/N 35547 and up, 310B, 310C, 310D, 310E, 310F, 310G, 310H, E310H, 310Q, S/N 310Q-0454 and up, T310Q, S/N T310Q-0454 and up, 310R, T310R • 320, 320-1, 320A, 320B • 335 • 340, 340A, S/N 340A-0001 thru 340A-0200 • 401, 401A, 401B • 402, 402A, 402B, 402C • 404 • 411, 411A • 414, S/N 414-0262 thru 414-0900 • 421B, S/N 421B-229 and up, 421C, S/N 421C-0001 thru 421C-0200 

This is a repetitive AD, so please ensure that aircraft you maintain are either in compliance or have incorporated a terminating action via our AMOC or our CD Series PMA replacement heater. Both incorporate a new style combustion tube that is less prone to cracking than the original South Wind design or other PMA replacement tubes. We offer both solutions as exchanges for existing South Wind heaters, or the AMOC kit can be installed by Harold Haskins Inc.

If you need more information about our compliance options for AD 2017-06-03, please call +1 (334) 386-5400 or visit www.Janitrol.Aero/SouthWind.

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