AD 2016-19-13 Dassault - Applicability issue for Falcon 2000

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AD 2016-19-13 Dassault - Applicability issue for Falcon 2000

By looking at both AD versions below you will see a difference. The Federal Register version is correct which includes the Falcon 2000 in the "Applicability" section of the AD. The version you find on the FAA main website which is typically used includes the 2000EX but excludes Falcon 2000.  

Maintenance controllers will use various methods for checking for possible new ADs, typically not the Federal Register that I know of. The AD biweekly listing includes the 2000EX, but excludes the 2000. Also, if you search by Make/Model it will come up for 2000EX, not the 2000. This AD can easily be missed. AD must be settled "Within 24 months after the effective date of this AD".   The effective date is 11/22/16, so it is getting close. 

The AD does include the Falcon 2000 in the preamble & modification sections so it does help send up a flag about it if the Federal Register isin't checked. If relying on the indexes or applicability section then it easily can be missed.

I contacted the FAA per the AD and received an email directing me to use the Federal Register version for compliance. I notified my FAA PMI of my handling.


I'm sharing this to hopefully prevent non-compliance.


FAA AD$FILE/2016-19-13.pdf


Federal Register version

  T. Nolte
Chief Inspector

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Update, ATP pinged our FAA contact about the discrepancies on 2016-19-13 and got the following response today


Those are the proposed rules you attached from GPO and the FR site, while it's the final rule from RGL. However, looking at the final rule on GPO, regarded as the most official electronic version, the problem still exists. It appears we obtained the table for RGL from the final rule on the FR site, which has the same problem:

I will have a corrected version on RGL today, and also let the FR site know of the error.


Josh Peebles

Regulatory and Guidance Library

Continued Operational Safety Policy Section (AIR-6D1)

Federal Aviation Administration

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Follow Up:

 AD has been corrected. If searched by AD#.

AD search by make/model has also been corrected.

 "New ADs Last 60 days" link, correction AD not shown released yet.

 Hopefully "Last 60 day" link will be updated along with the next biweekly so others will know. Otherwise you would have to be looking for it to find it.

Federal Register Link from original post - correct link:


T Nolte
Chief Inspector

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