Is Enough Really Enough?

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Is Enough Really Enough?

Occasionally when we think we’ve preformed a task exceptionally well we tend to gloat and pat ourselves on the back. We get content with our accomplishment and deserving of outside recognition. But could we have contributed more?

Other times, we skimp on our obligation. We get sloppy and figure that whatever we’ve done is good enough. In response to both of these instances, however, the message is clear: when you think you’ve done enough, could we do more?

When it comes to our profession and doing the work of our craft we are not to stop at good enough. Good is the enemy of Great! Look for every opportunity to expand your skills and fight off any resistance that prevents you from becoming the best version of yourself.

It is not enough to stay in the same place, making no forward progress. Treading water is not what the Creator has in mind for us. We are expected to use whatever gifts we have been given to foster growth, to contribute to an ever-expanding good. We are not to slip into complacency and mediocrity.

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Roger Hughes

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