In January, Flight Standards will begin deploying Designee Management System (DMS) for the following designee types:

  • Designated Mechanic Examiners (DME)
  • Designated Parachute Rigger Examiners (DPRE)
  • Designated Airworthiness Representatives –


Maintenance (DAR-T)

*DPEs will begin deployment in late 2018


The FAA will conduct beta tests for DMS deployment at the FAA offices in Wichita and Kansas City. The DMS team is working closely with these offices to ensure a successful deployment for both the office and the designees.


So what’s next? In late February, the DMS deployment team starts a monthly journey from west coast to east coast as they deploy FAA offices that manage designees. The goal is to have every FAA office with DAR-Ts, DMEs, and DPREs using DMS by AUGUST, 2018...


What do YOU need to do to prepare? Active DME, DPRE, and DAR-Ts will receive an email notification from AFS-650 Delegation Program Branch only when it is time to begin the transition into DMS. The notification will contain:

  • A link to the designee management system
  • Instructions for “what to do” once logged in
  • Requires a timely response by a designee


You can also support this effort by ensuring your PMI (also known as managing specialist in DMS) has your most current email address. Email IS the ONLY notification method so please make sure your information is up-todate!


The FAA has notified FAA Offices of the deployment schedule. This information will be added to the DMS section of the FAA Designees & Delegations website:…/aviation_i…/designees_delegations/dms/


Visit this site often as new information is updated frequently and changes to the timeline may occur.


What will DMS change?

We are going totally paperless with airman certification for aircraft mechanics and the FAA Form 8610-2 will go away.  A new simplified application process that is currently being incorporated into DMS which will result in a better user experience, allowing an application to be completed quickly, with a logical series of steps.  Pilot’s certification has been using this program for a while and there will be a learning curve for DMEs as we gear up for this new way of doing business.


Renewal of a designation will be based on good performance and the annual review and assessment of designee information.  I haven’t seen it in writing yet, however, designees will be reassigned to a new group and not to the individual Flight Standards Office anymore.  Not sure how this reassignment will work out not have an FAA inspector just a phone call away when designees need assistance.

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