Can an AMT service a wet compass?

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Can an AMT service a wet compass?

Can an AMT service a wet compass?

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Check 65.81(a). A certified mechanic can't perform any repairs or alterations on instruments. So legally you can't service a compass and return it to service as an A&P.

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Service"? Yes! Repair, absolutely not...

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In Canada, you can. As long as you have the manufacturer's manual and the procedures do not require specialized equipment, you can repair. Same with servicing.


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A compass is considered an aircraft instrument by the FAA. Part 65 prohibits FAA mechanics from performing any maintenance including servicing on any instruments including compasses. The only procedure a FAA mechanic can perform on a compass is a compass swing and update the compass card, which is a required placard.

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If you read the appropriate paragraphs in far 43 and 65, the word instrument is straight forward, but if you go to Part 1 and look up definition of "instrument", the attribute for a compass is not listed. therefore leaving servicing and repair of a wet compass to those mech's that have previously performed that function. This is my understanding. Now getting the FAA or local FSDO to go along with this is another story. 

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