New Procedures for Part 147 Aviation Maintenance School Graduates

In the most recent designee order 8900.2A the FAA made some big changes for students that graduate the airframe and powerplant courses and curriculum. This also applies to military members using the joint service Form CG G EAE 2, which has the same weight at the part 147 certificate of completion. For military only, the appropriate military office in each of the joint services will then use the data on Form CG G EAE 2 to issue Form CG G EAE 4, Certificate of Eligibility to each qualifying applicant. This certificate of Eligibility is what they will need to take the written A&P tests. Applicants attending or graduating from an approved AMTS (part 147 aviation school). (a) The designee must ensure the graduation certificate or certificate of completion includes the following: • Name and certificate number of the AMTS; • Graduation date; • Curriculum from which the applicant graduated (i.e., airframe and/or powerplant); • Name of the applicant; and • Signature from authorized school official. Note: A copy of the graduation certificate or certificate of completion will be attached to the certification file, and must be sent to AFS-760 through the DME’s managing FAA office. Before testing with a DME each student must complete the front of FAA Form 8610-2 (both originals). FAA Form 8610-2 must show the AMTS’s name and location (block II, item D1), AMTS’s certificate number (block II, item D2), curriculum in which student is enrolled (block II, item D3), and graduation date (block II, item D4). As a DME I complete the FAA Form 8610-2 for the applicants and have they verify the information is correct and check the approicated blocks, sign and date as required in dark ink. This is a change to the FAA Order 8900.2A for part 147 students and airman that complete the military training and receive a certificate neither have to go to the FAA and have their FAA Form 8610-2 signed by an inspector. All they have to do is take their certificate of completion to a written test center to take the written tests and provide a copy to the DME to forward with two original 8610-2 to the FSDO for processing.

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