AskBob® - A New Home with Very Cool New Tools

The summer brings a number of new enhancements to the AskBob® forum to better serve the aviation maintenance community. The upcoming changes are part of a group effort by many of us at ATP with critical (and timely) assistance from industry partners and associates. Your feedback and participation was a key driver in the AskBob® expansion and I look forward to seeing your future contributions.

As mentioned in one of my early articles, I do not have all the answers, but I know how to reach the experts, and if you consider yourself one of these experts, I invite you to participate in AskBob®. Here is a quick overview of the enhancements to AskBob:

  • AskBob® is now on the desktop! With the release of NavigatorV® 7.0, we have integrated AskBob® into the NavigatorV® application.
  • AskBob® in NavigatorV® provides a central place for over 10,000 users worldwide to search, access, and manage: Technical Publications, Regulatory Publications, Industry Updates, Discussion Forums, Manufacturer Support, Online Marketplace and NavigatorV® Support.
  • For users that need remote access to AskBob®, the web address will continue to remain active.

We are really excited about the new graphics and navigation in this release of AskBob®.When using the new AskBob®, be sure to check out:

  • Experts - Learn from an outstanding group of contributors whose experience and background will provide valuable insight into compliance, safety, certification, technique, best practices and more.
  • Discussions - Offers an open forum for you to request help, provide answers to maintenance issues or just share experiences.
  • News & Industry Pulse - Includes aircraft maintenance news and news feeds, industry event lists, and polls on maintenance practices.
  • Partners - We are developing this area to provide direct access to OEM information, discussions and training.
  • Marketplace - Consists of aircraft parts RFQ tools, Classifieds, and a full Job Board to help you get fully staffed.
  • NavigatorV® Support Provides a F.A.Q. section, and a place to post your support questions.

As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Just leave me a note in AskBob®! Bob

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