Video: LSA Repairman Maintenance Training

Rainbow Aviation conducts the only FAA accepted Light Sport Maintenance Training Program for Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA). This video, created by the staff at EAA, highlights the course. Video includes interviews with participants immersed in the course at EAA headquarters and information about the program.

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Thanks for sharing this video and all the LSA information in your blog posts here. I know there are a lot of questions out there on LSA maintenance.

Hi Carol,
From '78 to '88 I owned a C-150 and routinly preformed owner allowed maintenance and helped with the annual. I recently purchased an SLSA with a partner that we leaseback and was told that because light sport was a new categroy that I was not allowed to do any maintenance, supervised or unsupervised preventative maintenace on this plane. Is this true that the owner of an SLSA is not permitted to perform preventative maintenance as afforded in part 43 of the FAR's?

SLSA's continued airworthiness is governed by ASTM as well as FARs. The bottom line: the SLSA maintenance and inspections must be done by a Repairman with a Maintenance rating or an A & P if the manufactuer allows an A & P by listing them in the maunal as authorized. The preventative items in Part 43 Appendix A (c) do not apply. However,the manufacturer may create a list of preventative items- usually every close to Part 43 Appendix A (c) and allow the owner to perform these items. You need to refer to your SLSA maintenance manual since each manufacturer may handle preventive maintenance differently.