Do you have the T53-l-703 Engine

In the Honeywell list of publications they do not have any data on the T53-l-703 Engine. At the company I work with we install this engine on the UH-1HII. Is there any plans in the furture to have the maintenance publication for this engine listed?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I don’t see us adding this engine to a product at this time. There are two main reasons. a) we normally only add engines where we include the airframe and we don’t cover the UH1 airframe with maintenance manuals (TM55-1520- ‘s) in any of our libraries. b) the 290.2 and 290.4 Honeywell manuals used for this model are not on the list of approved manuals we can publish. Usually this means the publications have export or other distribution controls from the OEM.