Getting warnings from Anti-virus & Malware scanners, that BitsAdmin.exe contains a Trojan.

After upgrading to Navigator 7.0 getting warnings from Anti-virus and Malware scanners, that BitsAdmin.exe contains a Trojan. Called Constructor.CJA This has been confirmed with AVG Anti-virus, Eset NOD32, Spybot Search and Destroy, Lavasoft AD-Aware 2008. Is BitsAdmin.exe an essential part of the Navigator?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

BitsAdmin.exe is an Microsoft supplied file that manages BITS download and it is part of the Navigator application for our EZ Update function . We have seen posts on Microsoft developer forums this week that some programs are reporting the Constructor Trojan on this file. It may be a false positive being it is a Microsoft created exe. You only need it if you are using EZ Update in the BITs mode. In the Set EZ Update Scheduler window you can set the download method to FTP