Aircraft Air Conditioning Repair Work

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Aircraft Air Conditioning Repair Work

Looking for sources of information and education for working on aircraft air conditioning. Specifically what certs are required and the like. Does title 40 part 82 of the code of regulations cover aircraft? This is the regulation that requires recovering freon from automoblie air conditioners?

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Yes it does, by virtue of the fact an aircraft freon system is for all intents and purposes a "MVAC' or motor vehicle air conditioner. Consequently, all technicians opening the refrigeration circuit in automotive (or aircraft) air conditioning systems are required to be certified in refrigerant recovery and recycling procedures to be in compliance with Section 609 of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, yet many are still unaware of the requirements or ignored them.

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They are guided by flight engineers for the required repair and also to carry out complete ... systems or as pneumatic testers or even as air conditioning mechanics etc. ... Air Cabin Crew - Nature of Work & Employment Avenues ...

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Are you sure that an aircraft which is not a motor vehicle comes under this section of the act. Does in not fall under section 608 ?

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"Intents and purposes" notwithstanding.................

40 CFR 82.32 (C)

(c) Motor vehicle as used in this subpart means any vehicle which is self-propelled and designed for transporting persons or property on a street or highway, including but not limited to passenger cars, light duty vehicles, and heavy duty vehicles. This definition does not include a vehicle where final assembly of the vehicle has not been completed by the original equipment manufacturer.

But then, you have provisions for servicing "MVAC-LIKE", or "Motor Vehicle Air cond-like" systems, which are defined here:

40 CFR 82.152 as:

"MVAC-like appliance means mechanical vapor compression, open-drive compressor appliances with a normal charge of 20 pounds or less of refrigerant used to cool the driver's or passenger's compartment of an off-road motor vehicle. This includes the air-conditioning equipment found on agricultural or construction vehicles. This definition is not intended to cover appliances using R-22 refrigerant." an aircraft an "off road" vehicle? And even if it IS, looks like R-22 gets a pass anyway.

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