Not Enough Disc Space

Not Enough Disc Space

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What do I do with an error message that says not enough disc space?

If NavigatorV(R) gives you this type of error message, you will need to clean off some disc space to make room for new or revised content.  Make note of how much room you'll need from the error message.

There are two places to check:

1. Your computer's C:/ drive:  If the error message comes up during an EZ Update download, check here first. Go to Windows Explorer (or My Computer) and look for the C: listing.  If it does appear to be full and you cannot make the necessary room, you can complete the upgrade through disc.  You should be receiving discs in the mail shortly. 

2. The shared folder location for your content:  This is usually on a server or possibly also the same C:/ drive on your computer.  You selected this location when you initially installed NavigatorV(R).  If you accepted the default location, it will be on the C:/ drive.

This error message can occur if you are using EZ Update or Disc Manager.