Why is my What's New tab Blank?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why is my What's New tab blank?

Periodically, your What’s New tab may come up blank after you install the latest content revision. This simply means that your libraries did not have any updates.

For maintenance disc customers, you might get one or more silver discs as part of your content revision and Navigator does not ask you to install it. We’ve consolidated more content to fit in a fewer number of discs. Therefore if any content on a given subscription disc is found with an update, that disc will be sent to you as part of your revision.

Please keep any new revision silver discs for back-up and replace the older version in your set of maintenance content discs.

What’s New Maintenance History: Due to improvements with architecture changes, the Maintenance revision history
on the What’s New tab has been reset to start with this NavigatorV® Release 7.0. This means that if you select a date
in the “What’s new since” field for prior content revisions (before 8/20/08) for Maintenance libraries, you will not see any listings. However, Regulatory libraries will still show documents. We apologize if this presents any inconvenience.