Wheel + Brake Maskings - a better option

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Wheel + Brake Maskings - a better option

 As of now, most overhaul centers typically rely on old-school 3M-masking tape to cover critical openings so wheel and brake housings can be repainted after being repaired. The tape is stretched and then trimmed to size with razor blades – a process that’s both tedious and labor-intensive. We solved that problem!

My team has developed a high-density plastic mask that dramatically decreases the typical process time required to paint an airliner’s wheels and brakes. 

The mask also eliminates waste and disposable tape expenses, meets OEM specs detailed in overhaul manuals and reduces injuries, workman compensation claims and overtime. Blackbird’s patented wheel and brake masking system saves millions by reducing labor in wheel painting overhauls by 95%.  A 737 Inboard takes 45+ MINUTES to mask, we can do it in under 2 minutes.  


Our current clientele is Aviall, Honeywell, Boeing, Aerolineas Argentinas, Safran and Messier-Bugatti. In short, this industry is waiting for the right innovation to come along and turn it on its head.



Alison Rayman


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