Unable to open Maintenance Publications

I'm unable to open the S76C Maintenance Publications
Program wants to download unknown file type from the Users directory.
See attached file with the screen dump for file [3011987.7h+csLbyU0MWh8TvIRERtQ==].
Have no problems with the Airworthiness Directives or Associated Service Information included in the subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

You need to install or upgrade your current Adobe Reader. We advise customers with this issue to uninstall their current version of Adobe Reader, then download the latest version available for free at http://www.adobe.com


scholts.j reports he has the latest version of reader 9 but uninsatlled and reinstalled it anyway. Still can not open pdf based files. AD and ASI in html open fine, just the pdf files will not open.

Upon further investigation from our technicians, It has been determined that there is an existing issue with the latest versions of Adobe Reader. We suggest you uninstall Adobe Reader and install the Adobe Reader version included on your latest ATP Revision Disc (REG0000).

When you install the Adobe Reader version from your ATP Disc, We ask that you run the Adobe Reader program, Click on Edit and select Preferences. Click on the Updater section and select "Do not download or install updates automatically". This will disable a new version from downloading automatically, causing this issue to occur.

Adobe is currently working on a fix for this. No ETA has been determined at this time.

To access the Adobe Installer, Insert your latest REG0000 disc into Drive and explore the disc. There is an Adobe folder with the installer file in there.

I have tried as suggested with Adobe 9.3.0 from REG0000 of August 20, 2010 and with Adobe 9.2, but both version give the same results as with version 9.4.0.
The program doesn't recognize the type of file.

I have experimented a bit and tried to open several files in the resources sub-directories by using in Adobe Reader [Files] [Open] [All Files (*.*)].
I get then successful access to the files located in sub-directories C-11986 through C-11989, C-12448 and C-12460.
This is however using only Adobe Reader and by-passing the ATP Navigator interface.

Please send us an email at [email protected] so we can further assist you with this issue. Please provide us with your subscriber number.