Twin Commander Factory-authorized Mx Training Offered

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Twin Commander Factory-authorized Mx Training Offered

Eagle Creek Aviation Services will be offering two more factory-authorized, Twin Commander-specific training courses for maintenance technicians this year: June 23 to July 1 and October 13 to 21. The 42-hour course, which covers 19 different subjects ranging from manuals and bulletins to avionics, is designed to meet the training requirements for working on the Twin Commander 690/A/B/C/D and 695/A/B at a factory-authorized service center. Mark Niehaus, general manager of Eagle Creek Aviation Services, told AIN, “We’ve been offering the program here in Indianapolis for about a year-and-a-half to both foreign and domestic operators. One of the questions that has come up, particularly from foreign operators, is whether or not it might be more cost-effective for a company to fly our instructors to their location rather than fly their technicians to ours. We’re open to the idea,” he said. The course is taught by Mike Grabbe, who taught the Twin Commander maintenance course at FlightSafety International for more than six years and is now technical advisor and manager of training for Eagle Creek Aviation Services. Class size is limited to 10 participants. Cost of attending the class is $7,254.


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