Tips to Accomplish Citation Air Conditioning AD

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Tips to Accomplish Citation Air Conditioning AD

ATA: 21-10 Models: 500, 550, S550, 560, 560XL, 650
Published: 06-21-2013

Team Legacy and Team Excel have accomplishment tips for operators affected by the recent FAA release of airworthiness directive AD-2013-09-11. The AD affects all Model 500, 550, S550, 560 airplanes equipped or certified with air conditioning compressor motors P/N 1134104-1 or P/N 1134104-5. The AD also applies to Model 560XL airplane serials 560XL-5001 thru 5300, and Model 650 airplane serials 650-0200 thru -7119.


To comply with the AD do the following:

  1. Refer to section (g) of the AD, Inspection for Part Number.
    1. If you find the affected part number is installed.
      1. Refer to section (h) of the AD (step 2 in this article) Inspection of Compressor Hour Meter and Maintenance Records.
    1. If affected part number is not installed AD is not applicable.
      1. Sign off AD not applicable.
      2. Cessna recommends ensuring the recommended vendor maintenance procedures from the applicable CMM are included in your scheduled maintenance program.
  1. Inspect the compressor motor hour meter and record the time indicated.
    1. Review the aircraft maintenance records to determine when the brushes, compressor motor, pallet assembly were last replaced.
    2. Determine the number of compressor motor hours elapsed since replacement using the information found in section (h) of the AD (steps 2 and 2.a. of this article).

< 500 Hours

  1. If the elapsed hours are less than 500 hours, return the airplane to service and schedule replacement of the brushes before the 500 hour limit.
    1. Sign off the AD as “Completed inspection per section (h) brush replacement is not required.”

= or > or 500 Hours?

  1. If the elapsed hours are equal to or greater than 500 hours since last replacement, or the compressor motor hours cannot be determined, the brushes must be replaced per section (i).
    1. If the brushes cannot be replaced at that time, the air conditioning system must be disabled per section (k) until the brushes can be replaced.
    2. Complete section (m) when the brush replacement is accomplished.
  1. When the brush replacement is completed per the AD requirements in section (i) and the reporting requirements in section (m) are complete, sign off the AD as “Completed per sections (g) (h) (i) and (m) requirements.”

Note: The replacement and reporting of compressor motor brushes are reoccurring every 500 compressor hours. Section (i) and (m) is to be completed through two brush replacements and reporting cycles.


Questions, please contact:


Team Legacy
316-517-6261 (International)
[email protected]  




Team Excel
316-517-1400 (Direct)
1-877-560-3960 (WATS)
[email protected]

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Thanks for sharing the steps... good to know...

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