The Tiger Wave Safety wire Pliers are becoming extinct, ( sort of )

I get calls form people having a hard time finding the Tiger Wave safety wire pliers, so............. here is what we know.

The Tiger Wave will soon be Extinct!
(We ran out)

They stopped producing that exact pair of pliers with the striped rubber/steel teeth in the wire trimming area, and went to just the FOD grabbing red rubber about 2 years ago. The Stride Tools Rep told me they were having problems with little pieces of rubber coming out too often.

Although the new one looks slightly lower tech, it actually works better and lasts longer.
(yes, the rubber will eventually wear out)

The Item #'s are actually the same as before and we carry them in 6" part # 25W and 9" 26W

To see the information about the change, and pictures of the Original Tigerwave Pliers see this PDF, look at the last page for the information about that exact style being changed.

If you need other Hardware related Technical Information, you may look up any part of our Reference Book a section at a time by going to our site and clicking on the Small Wrenches labeled 'TECH INFO"

Thanks for visiting, we hope this has been helpful for you.

Tom Brink, Pres. GAHco.

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Thanks for posting the Tiger Wave safety wire pliers. Should be a help for others and good detail on the change to the new model.

Great, so you can no longer get the buffed faced pliers anymore. Don"t really care about the cushions in the throat but you break less wire with the buffed faces instead of the toothed faces. That's a bummer, guess will have to watch e-bay and craiglist from now on....

I did not know about the buffed ones, sounds like a good idea!

I wonder if a polishing shop would do a batch of so many at a reasonable price?