There Were These Things Called Helicopters

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There Were These Things Called Helicopters

I have to question why after so many years United Technologies is selling Sikorsky? This is certainly not their first go around with cheap oil or government cutbacks. Could it be UT is looking into the future and predicts the life expectancy of the helicopter is limited? Will helicopter applications as we know it today be replaced by drones? Most recently Kaman and their K-Max helicopter and Lockheed Martin successfully conducted 750 hrs of unmanned flight to include troop evacuation.

Today the drone operators are the bad guys flying in and around police and news helicopters. Could it be in 10 years the helicopters are fined for conducting flights in and around drone operations?

When elevators were first introduced they came equipped with “Operators”. There was a time when you wanted to make a long distance phone call you had to connect with an “Operator”. There was a time when you bought something in a store you handed your money to a cashier.

What do you predict as the future for helicopters or aviation in general?

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