A Solution for Drooping Flaps 525B

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A Solution for Drooping Flaps 525B


Team CJ has received reports of flaps extending or drooping on CJ3 airplanes that have been parked for long periods. The condition is normal and may occur if flaps are left in a position other than fully retracted.

CJ3 flaps are operated hydraulically, and mechanical locks inside the flap actuators positively lock the flaps in the fully retracted position. However, trapped hydraulic fluid holds the flaps in the 15° and 35° positions.

Each of the hydraulic components in the flap control system has a manufacturer acceptable internal leak rate. Due to the leak rate, the flaps may extend or droop down over time. Several operators have reported the flaps have been found fully extended after one to two weeks of downtime.

To prevent flap drooping while the airplane is parked, operators should set the flaps at the fully retracted position. At that setting, the mechanical locks within the actuators prevent the flaps from extending.

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