Rub Strips Protect Seats 5 & 6 560XLS+

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Rub Strips Protect Seats 5 & 6 560XLS+
Rub Strips Protect Seats 5 & 6
560XLS+, ATA: 25-20

Model 560XLS+ operators are advised to install rub strip assemblies on cabin seats 5 & 6 to protect the seats from wearing against side ledge armrests. The rub strip assemblies, P/N 4519635-3 and -4, are installed with transfer tape and can be ordered from Citation Parts Distribution (CPD).

Citation Customer Service has received reports from operators experiencing damage to cabin seats. CPD has rub strip assemblies in stock and customers are encouraged to order the strips to protect cabin seats.

Questions, please contact:

Team Excel
316-517-1400 (Direct)
[email protected]

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