Revisions to Maintenance manuals

I'm new to ATP and was looking at the TU206G service manual in particular. I noticed that the eleven Temp. revisions were not inserted into the text of the individual chapters. So, as a user I would need to go to and review each revision every time I use that particular chapter to make sure I was using current information. Can the revisions be incorporated into the main body of the chapter as it would be in a hardcopy manual? This would be very helpful to the user.

Thanks, Doug

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Good question Doug

I believe you are referring to Service Manual D2070.

If so, then you may be looking at the transmittal letter section of the manual. We do incorporate the TR into the body of the manual. In addition the transmittal letter/instruction page is usually placed in the front matter.

But in looking at this manual, it looks to be done in the older process (where we put the TR page in front of the page that it revises instead of replacing the revised pages). I will have this pub redone to replace the old pages instead of having both.