Overhaul Life Limit

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Overhaul Life Limit

 I would like to know the life limit of a Mc Cauley fixed pitch propeller P/N 1A170E Model.

Thank you , if some one can give me a hint. 

Best regards


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The 1A170E prop is covered by the McCauley MPC26 Owner/Operator Information Manual. In CH 4 Airworthiness Limitations, Replacement section I find table 1, Fixed Pitch Prop but it does not include 1A170E. I find no limits table for this fixed pitch prop.

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There is an AIrworthiness Limitation for the 1A170FFA propeller identified in Chapter 4 of the above referenced manual, for a 200 hour dye penetrant inspection per AD 82-27-01, but not for the 1A170E. In Chapter 61-00-06 page 608 they have this information

"Fixed pitch propellers - 2000 hours or 72 calendar months which ever occurs first*. Additionally,
the propeller mounting bolt torque should be checked at least once per year. Propeller mounting
bolts must be magnetic particle inspected in accordance with ASTM E-1444 or liquid penetrant
inspected in accordance with ASTM E-1417 or replaced at every overhaul. Propeller mounting
bolts must be replaced whenever the propeller is involved in a blade strike as defined in Necessary
Actions Following Object Strike of Stationary Propeller, Blade Strike of Rotating Propeller, Bird
Strike, or Sudden Engine Stoppage.
• *For 1A170E/JHA[XXXX] propellers only, installed on Aircraft Operating as Pilot Schools in
accordance with 14 CFR, Part 141, and all aircraft with 2000 or more cycles for every 1000
flight hours must be inspected in accordance with Service Bulletin 240[X] every 1000 hours
or 72 calendar months whichever occurs first.
• *For 1A103/TCM[XXXX] propellers only, the overhaul frequency is every 1500 hours of
operation or 72 calendar months, whichever occurs first. All propellers with 1500 or more
hours total time in service must be inspected in accordance with Alert Service Bulletin 221[X]
every 750 hours of operation or 36 calendar months whichever occurs first."

Note that for a Part 91 operation this is not a requirement. If the aircraft is operating on a 135 certificate, then the Op Spec for the 135 carrier would list this as a requirement. If you are a Part 91 operator, this is only a suggestion.

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Dear Bob
I thank you very much for the great help you gave me . Regards

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The Thank You is for the great site members that look for new issues and take the time to respond. N14KY was key to this issues responce.


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