Modifying Aztec prop de-icing brush bracket

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Modifying Aztec prop de-icing brush bracket

The Aztec propeller de-icing brushes are attached by a bracket that hangs off the side of the front of the crankcase and has a support rod to hold it in place.  I noticed a Navajo (Chieftain maybe) that had prop de-icing and the brushes were held in a neat bracket that sandwiches the front seam of the crankcase right on top.  This seemed to me to be a simpler and more secure way to mount these brushes.  I asked my PMI about getting approval to modify my Aztec to be similar to the Navajo system and he seemed likely to approve it if I could provide enough data to support the change.

Has anyone ever done this before?  If so, where can I find the STC or field approval paperwork to use as a basis for getting mine done?

If not, I'll have to do the whole thing myself so I'll need more info.  The slip rings on the back of the "flywheel" are how the electricity is routed to the different boots.  Are these the same distance out from the center and same width on the Aztec and Navajo?  The Aztec uses Lycoming IO-540-C4B5 engines, the Navajo uses Lycoming TIO-540 engines.  Is the crankcase the same basic size so it would accomodate the bracket on the Aztec engine?  Being able to use the original wiring harness (which wouldn't be a problem) and to use the brackets from a Navajo or Chieftain would make the field approval process quicker and easier.

Any information on this would be helpful.  Thanks.

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It has been awhile since we had Navajos and an Aztec in our fleet but as I recall the Aztec brush bracket was mounted off to the side for cowl clearance.

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Interesting. Thanks for the input. Trying to visualize it in my head, I can't picture that being an issue. I'll have to take a closer look and see.

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