McCauley Prop Tips - Maintenance

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McCauley Prop Tips - Maintenance

The McCauley propeller is a reliable and durable product, but like all aircraft components it must be maintained and inspected on a regular basis and overhauled at appropriate intervals to ensure airworthiness.

The owner/operator should inspect the condition of the propeller as a part of the aircraft preflight. Field repairs and inspections of propellers are routinely performed by an A&P mechanic in accordance with McCauley Service Letter SL1995-4B, Field Inspection and Repair of Propeller Blades. This document describes basic field repairs for minor damage to the leading edge or thrust surface of the propeller blade. The Owner and Operator Manual, currently the MPC26, also provides guidance for routine maintenance.

Most McCauley piston aircraft constant speed and fixed pitch aluminum propellers have a recommended overhaul cycle of 72 calendar months or 2,000/2,400 hours, whichever comes first. Aerobatic applications have a reduced overhaul limit of 1,000 hours or 72 calendar months. Operators should refer to McCauley SB137AE, Revised Time Between Overhaul and Life Limited Parts Inspections, for specific overhaul recommendations for all McCauley propeller products. A copy can be obtained from McCauley Product Support or the McCauley website.

Operators of McCauley propeller equipped aircraft also have additional resources available to provide guidance for propeller maintenance or overhaul. Perhaps the greatest one is the McCauley Service Center worldwide network of affiliated propeller repair stations, with expertise and training to properly maintain and repair the McCauley propeller.

A list of stations can be obtained from the McCauley website at

The McCauley Product Support group also provides technical support for all McCauley products, and can be reached at [email protected] or 800-621-7767

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Maintenance engineers need to be aware of McCauley Service Letter SL1995-5A which details preventative maintenance on the prop hub/blade retention cir-clip area on thread-less props. The SL covers 100hr annual application of LPS3 to prevent corrosion within the cir-clip recess. A lot of blades are being rejected due to corrosion in this area/

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