Maintenance tab vs. Profile tab

I'm new to ATP and putting in data for my aircraft. In the tutorials it shows to start building a data base using the maintenance tab going through all the AD's & SB's. Then on the Profile tab you can do the same thing but with more input detail and different format. In a few cases some of the data transferred over but not all. When updating aircraft times on the one tab, it did not update the times on the other tab. Maybe I don't understand the purpose of each of the tabs. Why would you need to go through all the AD's and SB's twice?

Thanks, Doug

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The idea is you would only use one of the features. The Profile & Compliance tool has been around for years and is a nice compliance tracking tool but does not provide much in the way of forecasting future requirements. ATP Maintenance is a new feature added this year that is targeted to forecasting. If you are starting fresh I would just use ATP Maintenance so you have compliance tracking and forecasting.


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