Learjet 60: New Brake Airworthy Directive

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Learjet 60: New Brake Airworthy Directive

Learjet 60 Airworthiness Directive

AD2013-13-09 is issued to prevent failure of the braking system or adverse operation of the spoiler and thrust reverser system due to external damage.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued Airworthiness Directive AD2013-13-09 in regards to the Learjet 60 Brake System. This AD requires three separate Service Bulletins (SB) be accomplished within 12 months or 600 hours from August 6, 2013, the effective date of the AD.

The following are the required SB:

SB 60-32-33, Dated July 23, 2012

Installation of rigid hydraulic tube assemblies and improved MLG squat switch bracket

SB 60-57-7, Dated July 23, 2012

Installation of metal shields and brackets for the wiring and tubes on the lower struts

SB 60-78-7, Dated May 1, 2006

Improved wheel speed detect box and TR interface box

The summary and complete AD can be viewed at the following:



Submitted by Dave Schiver, Airframe Tech Rep

Dave Schiver

 is an Airframe Technical Representative at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebr. (LNK) facility. He specializes in Learjet aircraft. His aviation career began in 1981.


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ATP has a nice web page that shows all FAA Airworthiness Directives approved or modified in the last 60 days. You can view it here: http://www.atp.com/global/ad.php

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