IPad apps

Is there an app that allows me to run ATP Navigator in my IPad.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Yes, the July update to ATP Navigator Online will support iPads.  All regulatory content is in html and works very nicly. We do recommend adding the Goodreader pdf app for better performance of the PDF based maintenance content. Although it functions, I would not consider a iPad the best choice for really large manuals (MM, IPC etc).  I have a iPad and a Netbook and find the full funtion browser in the Netbook supports more of the advanced functions than the reduced browser fucctionality of the iPad browser.

There is a demo here: http://askbob.aero/content/hubconnect-app-ipad


Does the ipad work correctly at all for maintenance manuals? I was unable to navigate to different sections of a maintenance manual using the ipad.

The PDF viewer that comes with the iPad has many limitations including lack of the ability to show the side TOC and word search. We have a iPad app with upgraded PDF functions in beta testing and hope to submit it to Apple next month to add to the Apple store. The Aviation Hub was upgraded last week to support the upcoming app. If you look when you open documents you will see little star icons in the TOC. This is to set what sections/chapters you want to send to your iPad. By sending them to the iPad you can access them on the iPad without need for a online connection.

Very glad to hear this: we have 25-30 students per year in our A&P school, all with ipads, and would very much prefer to use them for electronic maintenance manual access!

It works with all manuals if you are using our Hub Connect iPad app. Using the Safari version on the iPad is not recommended