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Inactive A&P getting started again


I havent worked in aviation since 2012. I worked for a place about 7-8 months 

I am FAA certified and I am wanting to get back in this field. Can i still do it.



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The A&P license doesn't expire, but there is this pesky rule about currency. Robert must have worked six months out of the last 24 to be current. As far as I am aware, Robert would just have to be supervised on the job and document all of his OJT for the first six months, and then he'll be current. However, best to get the FAA's opinion on this.

Robert (not verified)
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I can still work even if the last time was in 2012 been workin at a wharehouse job since then has nothin to do with aviation

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My understanding is that you can work on aircraft under the supervision of another technition who is current untill you have six months of work performed.

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Sec. 65.83

Recent experience requirements.

A certificated mechanic may not exercise the privileges of his certificate and rating unless, within the preceding 24 months --
(a) The Administrator has found that he is able to do that work; or
(b) He has, for at least 6 months --
(1) Served as a mechanic under his certificate and rating;
(2) Technically supervised other mechanics;
(3) Supervised, in an executive capacity, the maintenance or alteration of aircraft; or
(4) Been engaged in any combination of paragraph (b) (1), (2), or (3) of this section.

Easiest is go to a FSDO inspector and ask (in writing) if you meet the requirements of 65.83(a). He may ask a couple questions, or want to observe you doing something, and give you the A-OK to proceed.

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