ILS Solutions for General Aviation: More Than Just Finding Parts

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ILS Solutions for General Aviation: More Than Just Finding Parts

When I meet with ILS on becoming a AskBob sponsor I was surprised how much they offered GA and that they were not the ILS I thought I knew. At my request they have sent me the following small primer on ILS and the GA market.
Over the years, Inventory Locator Service has built a reputation as the world’s most active marketplace for aviation parts, but what you don’t know about ILS might surprise you. It’s no secret the majority of companies that use the ILS Marketplace (ILSmart) operate in commercial, defense or business aviation, but through product development and new partnerships our services are positioned to help more General Aviation companies prosper than ever before.

ILS understands that completing procurement processes, meeting regulations and maintaining business operations are laborious and time-consuming for FBOs, repair stations, flight schools,  and corporate flight departments because critical information in the aviation industry has always been segmented. You have to search site after site and contact multiple companies to secure the required information. Now, imagine if all the data you needed was one click away.

Did you know the 1-Click Locator on ILSmart can find all the airworthiness directives, unauthorized parts notices, parts availabilities, PMAs and MRO capabilities you need through one quick search?

ILS’ mission is to aggregate all the data you need into one user-friendly site so you don’t have to spend hours or sometimes days searching for it. And this includes items you never thought ILS could help you find: oils and lubricants, deicing solutions, decals, and of course instruments, parts, and services. Last week, a single keyword search for Cessna returned:

  • 1296 different parts
  • 299 Repair capabilities
  • 65 Suppliers
  • 17,559 PMA listings
  • 635 Ads
  • 7 Unapproved Parts Notices (UPN)
  • And even two Cessna T Shirts, size Mens, Large…

In addition to finding sources and information, your company can list your inventory or surplus to the largest Aviation buying community in the world or selectively to your private trading partners only using ILS Select?

This option allows your company to share information regarding what you have to sell to trusted partners without tedious and repetitive listing, searching and emails. It also eliminates the chance of dealing with unknown, problem-causing entities.
Did you know ILS offers Supply Chain Management Solutions that can help your FBO or repair station manage inventory, sales, procurement, and repair order processes?
Companies often use multiple systems to manage their business, from sourcing sites to separate inventory and MRO software solutions. ILS’ SCM suite simplifies the complexity. ILS SCM is also fully integrated with ILSmart, automating tasks such as updating your inventory listing, re-entering RFQs and quotes into your backend system and logging into a separate site for part sourcing.
Do you know the aftermarket for your parts or what your inventory is worth? How about the number of people who are looking for your surplus material? All these questions can be answered by using the ILS Inventory eValuator.
You can use Inventory eValuator to:
- Manage your surplus inventory
- Analyze market trends
- Determine the demand of your parts

Looking Ahead

Do you subscribe to ATP? What if companies like ATP and ILS had integrated systems? Would combining your ATP parts research with ILS availability and information make things easier for you in your day-to-day operations?
ILS is always looking for ways to help General Aviation companies by facilitating information sharing, providing a lower cost of entry into the ILS network, and adding the information and services that you need.
For more information on ILS, call 800-233-3414 (U.S.A.) or 901-794-5000 (International),  email your questions to [email protected], or visit our site 

Jessica Treadwell
Manager, Marketing Services
Inventory Locator Service

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Excellent article Bob! I will share my experiences with using ILS. I started as a DOM in 1985 when ILS was still a "new" company and I was DOM, Parts Manager, administrative secretary and janitor all in one. When I needed a part, my first call was to AVSCO [yes, I know] and the next was to ILS! It was extremely rare that ILS would not come thru! Even back then...

As we grew and I was able to separate myself from directly dealing with parts issues, I assured my parts manager was familiar with ILS and used them accordingly.

Over my 35+ year career, ILS has proven to be an efficient, effective business tool for a one-man shop thru a multi-site organization. Their staff is knowledgeable, curteous, professional and extremely helpful on a daily basis. They go the extra mile!

ILS is an excellent business tool and the smart technician's one stop shopping! I highly recommend you begin a business relationship and you'll see the benefits...

Partsguru (not verified)
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Bob, people need to know that ILS is owned by Aviall. Aviall via ILS has access to everyones usage history on ILS. This gives the, an unfair buisness advantage. I have to tell you ILS costs 4 to 6 times as much as Partsbase, and isnt any better than the free service that uses ILS and Partsbase are way overpriced for what you get.

bob.pasch's picture

You're correct partsguru! Aviall does own ILS but their [Aviall's] M.O. has been growth since the late 70's! From the merger with Cooper in the early 80's to the buy out of Van Dusen and the USAir subsidiary several years later, Aviall's growth prompted upgrades and expansion that benefited everyone - not just Aviall!

Regardless, ILS has proven to be a very effective business tool for ME! They made my job easier by freeing my time while providing an excellent product at a fair price. What more could I ask? Who owns them is a non-factor in my opinion...

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I am not sure if the above is a real comment or simply a commercial for a competitor. For the paid services to be so successful in spite of free services they must be providing a lot of value. In my meetings with ILS they pointed out that a lot of their subscribers made a lot more through sales that they paid in the service cost.

Anonymous (not verified)
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And Boeing owns Aviall

RP (not verified)
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I am a user of ILS and yes, it's a great search engine. However there are always pro's and con's to these sites. Besides ILS has been effective since 70's which is very true and that's why they have such a great database.

The only complain I'll have is that they need to update inventory more often, as we are normally faced with no quotes with suppliers listed most of the time.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Aviall is part of Boeing, and ILS is also part of Boeing.

Aviall and Boeing are both clients of ILS, as are many other OEMs and Distributors.

There is no co-mingling of computer services or databases. I'm not sure where you got your information, but it is not correct.

You can purchase the same Market Intelligence reports they can to analyze Supply,Demand and price info.

If you need more information on company holdings, check the SEC filings.

Alaska 25 (not verified)
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I know, that is what is so funny. People pay ILS $1,000 per month, ILS collects the parts usage data, and gives it to AVIALL. Nice racket. ILS takes your money, and gives your information on what you buy to Aviall. Nice...

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