How to Renew a Subscription Online

Frequently Asked Questions: 


EZ Renew

Now Easier and Faster to Renew Online


ATP now offers an improved online payment option making it even easier and faster to renew your ATP subscription. With your renewal invoice, you can easily renew a library up to 60 days in advance of the library's expiration date. This option is available only for credit card customers and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, even if you are not a NavigatorV® user.


EZ Renew Convenience

  • Libraries in any media can be renewed covering digital, microfiche or mixed media.
  • Multiple libraries can be renewed in one transaction.
  • Several ways to access EZ Renew including, inside NavigatorV® or directly from a browser window.
  • NavigatorV® now tells you when you have one or more libraries ready for renewal (within 60 days of expiration).


Items to Keep in Mind For Using EZ Renew

  • Online payments can only be made for renewing existing subscriptions. Please contact your ATP Sales representative at 800.227.4610 if you would like to:
    • Order a new library
    • Upgrade/ Downgrade an existing library
    • Reinstate a library that is more than 30 days past expiration
    • Add/ Remove disc back-up service to a renewing library (can also do this on renewal invoice and sending with payment)
    • Pay by check or money order
  • EZ Renew accepts credit card transactions from Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
  • Any credit card submitted for a transaction will be checked for authorization before processing payment. As in any credit card transaction, this means verification that the card holder's account is current with sufficient funds available.


How to Access EZ Renew

You can easily access EZ Renew by one of the following methods:

  • On the NavigatorV® Welcome tab, a message appears above the status messages on the right to renew libraries if you have any library ready for renewal. Clicking this renewal message will take you directly to the EZ Renew screen.
  • On the ATP website, click the gold EZ Renew Online button on the right. Use your renewal invoice to reference information for logging in to your subscription account. This will then take you to the EZ Renew screen.
  • Use the EZ Renew URL indicated in the renewal instructions on your renewal invoice. Type this URL address in your internet browser. Use your renewal invoice to reference information for logging in to your subscription account. This will then take you to the EZ Renew screen.


Steps From the EZ Renew Screen

  1. Select Libraries for Renewal
    • Select a library that is listed for renewal by clicking the 'renew now' link in the Renewal Action column on the right.
    • If you would like to add libraries for renewal, repeat the first step by clicking the 'renew now' link for each additional library. Click 'Continue' when you have selected all desired libraries for renewal.
    • Review the library listing in your cart contents and click 'Checkout Now!'
  2. Enter Credit Card Information
    • Enter your credit card information including the address listed with the card and an email address for recieving an email confirmation. Then, click 'Continue Checkout'
    • Review your renewal information for both credit card and renewed libraries to verify that it is accurate. When you are ready, click 'Submit Renewal'.
    • The final page will acknowledge a successful renewal and should be printed for your records.
  3. Update NavigatorV® Libraries
    • When you have successfully renewed your libraries online, you will be sent a confirmation email. Once it is received, wait 24 hours to activate the renewal in NavigatorV®. Activating the renewal must be done to keep access to library content in NavigatorV®.
    • Activate the renewal in NavigatorV® by going to Product Registration on either Stand-Alone or Network Manager versions. In the window, find an expired library and click the red 'Download Access Code' link in the 'Update Access Code' column. Once the library's status has changed to 'Current' and the Expiration Date refreshed, that library renewal has been successfully activated in NavigatorV®. After all libraries have been renewed, click 'Close' and you're done.
    • If you experience difficulty with the Download Access Code link: Manually enter your access codes in NavigatorV® to activate the library renewals. Reference your paid invoice that was mailed to you for your access codes or call Customer Care. From Product Registration, enter each renewed Product Code and Access Code. Then, click 'Add New Product'. The libraries will update automatically in the listing with a new Expiration Date and 'Current' Status. When all renewed libraries have been updated, click 'Close'.

As always if you have any questions, please contact Customer Care.