How does the search function in Navigator work?

No matter what words I try to search for, I get NO results.
What is the secret to get results when trying to search in document title or content?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Search looks at the body of the publications selected. The biggest thing to remember is the search term box is a exact match. Unlike a Google search with returns any combination of the search term and millions of hits we want to focus down to the specific results. If you are using multiple words then the result must be exactly the same in the publication to find it. For example "Rudder Bolt" will not find "rudder stop bolt" or even "rudder bolts". If you want to extend the search then there are ways of ,moving past a exact match.

One trick is to use a * to allow different versions of a base word. A search for "Pilot" will only find "Pilot" but a search for "Pilot*" will find pilot, pilots, piloting etc.

The other extension is to search for words that are close together using the w/ option. A search for "rudder w/5 bolt" will look for "rudder" and look for "bolt withing 5 words of "rudder so it will find "rudder stop bolt" "bolt, rudder", "rudder attach bolt" etc. (you can use any number with w/).

For more examples or hands on help with searching please call our Customer Care team and they can launch a online session where you can share a screen and run through some examples. Of course I am assuming search is working on your system. If you get no results with even a simple single word search then you may have highlighting turned off or some other issue that the Customer Care team can help correct.