How do I prove I am current and have the latest Discs

I purchase the backup discs from ATP so I have proof of currency. How do I show that I have the latest discs.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

We provide two tools to prove you have the latest discs.

First is a revision card we mail every January (and with new orders) that lists the date of each monthly revision for the full year. When you receive the discs you should enter the received date on this card. This revision card confirms that you have received all revisions.

Second is the EZ Update tab in NavigatorV. The tab lists your libraries and the latest date for each disc.

Important note - although discs are released monthly we process new content every day and post it to the EZ Update server twice a week. You may have the current disc but if your computer "sees" new content on our EZ Update server it will change the status from "Current" to "Run EZ Update" to let you know you can download new content. If you have the EZ Update Scheduler set to daily and leave the computer on it will download updates automatically every night.

There are also 2 checklists available for additional verification. A Inventory Checklist and Revision Disc Checklist under Lists and Tools on the Welcome page. Products are listed without the “B” so look under XU for the BXU. The Inventory Checklists lists all discs for each product and the current version of each disc. The Revision Disc Checklist shows what DVDs were mailed at the last revision for each product (like a packing list)