Hawker Airframe: Don't Forget Chapter 24

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Hawker Airframe: Don't Forget Chapter 24

 In the April 2015 Duncan Intelligence, Dave Ungvarsky, Hawker tech rep, talked about how some of the information in Chapter 24 of the AMM goes unnoticed or unheeded.

Hawker-Torque_blogDuring a recent project, the Duncan Aviation Hawker airframe team troubleshot an aircraft with intermittent static plate heat. Their investigation revealed a damaged terminal block which most likely resulted from improper torqueing of the terminal nut and improper orientation of the terminals themselves.

Most of us are familiar with the torqueing of fasteners as required in the AMM for the task being performed. If no specific torque value is noted, then we rely on Chapter 20 (Standard Practices) for determining the proper torque value. Unfortunately, sometimes the information on torque loading contained in Chapter 24 (Torque Loading of Electrical Connections) goes unnoticed or unheeded.

That appears to be the situation here with the damaged terminal block. Not only were the terminals not oriented correctly, it appears an improper torque was applied.

Chapter 24 contains essential information to assure that electrical connections are properly made to ensure that systems operate correctly and are safe.

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