Hawker 800 / 800XP: Sealing Pandora’s Box for RVSM

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Hawker 800 / 800XP: Sealing Pandora’s Box for RVSM

Protecting Hawker RVSM Certification

Restoring the RVSM certification for Hawker 800 / 800XP aircraft in-the-field is not for the faint of heart. Talk to the many operators who have landed in remote locations for AOG avionics servicing, only to discover that those locations were not capable of restoring the aircraft's RVSM certification.

Duncan Aviation explores the issues surrounding RVSM recertification in its updated field guide “Sealing Pandora’s Box,” with details on how to avoid disturbing RVSM critical areas when accessing the avionics nose bay.

For Hawker 800 series aircraft, the nose avionics bay access panels are located in a RVSM critical area. This critical area has very tight tolerances for gaps and skin variances as called out by the aircraft’s RVSM Service Bulletin.

This significantly increases the ground time required for maintenance and troubleshooting on flight guidance and Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) systems, negatively impacting flight schedules.

Even the simple replacement of a Flight Guidance Computer results in the recertification of the RVSM critical zone, including any rework of that area required to meet OEM specifications.

The Hawker 800 / 800XP avionics bay door panels have become the modern aviator’s equivalent to Pandora’s Box.

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Sealing Pandora's Box: Hawker RVSM Certification

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