Greetings mechs!

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Greetings mechs!

Hey guys, I'm an ex-navy mech now going for my a&p. I was looking around for maintenance resources  and I found this website so I figured I'd stop by and say hello. Good luck everyone!

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Welcome Chuck, glad you found the site and feel free to post questions or ideas. Go get that A&P and great to hear from you

Bob Jones (AskBob)

Wayne (not verified)
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Hi Chuck and Welcome to the civilian side of it. I'm a Navy Vet myself from NAS Whidbey Island and other commands.
If able, go to the very best A&P school you can afford as they are all different in terms quality teaching. The more you learn in school the less you will struggle on the first job.
Expect to suffer finacially for the first decade or two before that dream job comes along but the main thing is to gain as much experience on as many planes as you can as doing so will open doors. And never never burn bridges!

Good Luck

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